Stacia D. Kelly

Stacia D. Kelly is the author of Phyxe: Goddess of Fire, the first in the Goddess Chronicles, and co-author of Ichi and Ni, the first two books in the Urban Samurai series. Her current fiction projects include writing about snarky Goddesses who love giving their men a hard time as they get ripped through the universe on the whim of a God out for Energy, and Paranormal Mermaids who are making a home on Earth.

In Goddess of Fire, Phyxe is out for demon blood even though her powers are contained, the planet and people hate her, and her sexy savior wants nothing to do with her. In Ichi & Ni, Dr. Shia Ronin, a thousand year old samurai is hunting demons in modern day DC with Detective Ryan Calder who doesn’t believe a word she says. In Siren’s Serenity, Loire is just trying to figure out how to make a home on Earth for her sisters and any future family who travels through the Nexus portal while keeping her nature a secret.

Stacia runs workshops (online and at conferences) focused on helping writers get over their blocks and fears. She’s created an entire relaxation package for writers to use in the comfort of their own office. She’s helped newbie writers and best selling authors achieve breakthroughs in their stories and idea flow.

When she’s not writing, she’s at the gym, running bodybuilding shows, writing proposals for government contractors, or harassing family and friends. Sometimes, her creative streak ends up sending her in alternate directions like painting or sculpting.

More often than not, she’s being a driver for her kid and a doorman for the cats and dog. And, answering text messages from clients around the world looking for her coaching help on their health and well-being. And, loving every minute of it.

Stacia’s Other Books

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